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Packet dump

Pi-hole FTL's internal pcap packet dump

Pi-hole has its own embedded package dumping. It can be enabled by adding the following to a file like /etc/dnsmasq.d/99-record.conf:


(or any other location you prefer), in addition to


where mask specifies which types of packets should be added to the dumpfile defined above. The argument should be the OR of the bitmasks for each type of packet to be dumped: it can be specified in hex by preceding the number with 0x in the normal way. Each time a packet is written to the dumpfile, we log the packet sequence and the mask representing its type. The current types are:

  • 0x0001 - DNS queries from clients
  • 0x0002 - DNS replies to clients
  • 0x0004 - DNS queries to upstream
  • 0x0008 - DNS replies from upstream
  • 0x0010 - queries send upstream for DNSSEC validation
  • 0x0020 - replies to queries for DNSSEC validation
  • 0x0040 - replies to client queries which fail DNSSEC validation
  • 0x0080 - replies to queries for DNSSEC validation which fail validation.

If you just want to record everything and later filter this in Wireshark you can just add the two lines